Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I am back!:)

Thank you guys for all the love I received this week haha. Just wanted to let you guys know that I am back! And I can totally hear again which is a big relief. It's actually scary when you can't hear, yikes! Anyways let me tell you guys my story of what happened, even though it's embarrassing haha....

So it all started four week ago when my new puppies were playing with a football, those small ones that are actually spongy and don't hurt when they throw them at your face. Well my puppies being the hyper puppies that they are decided to chew the ball and destroy it into tiny pieces. Well I got into trouble with my mother for that because our whole living room was a mess. So like the good daughter, and great owner of the puppies, that I am I decided to clean the mess. I thought my problems were all resolved when I threw the last remaining pieces to the trash can. Boy was I wrong! A few days later after the incident my ear started to feel itchy, so what did I do? I decided to stick a q-tip to my ear, and yes I know that I'm not supposed to do that. So as I stuck the q-tip in my ear I noticed that it wouldn't completely go in. And then in one of those times I was scratching my ear with the q-tip a small, red, sponge fell out of my ear. I was so confused to seeing one of the pieces of the football fall of my ear that I thought I was going crazy. And so I decided that I was hallucinating and that the sponge must have fallen from my hair or something, because of course it couldn't have been inside my ear right? Well my ear still kept feeling funny so I did what any other person would do, I went to my mom. And you know what she told me? she said and I quote "just clean your ears!" Like that wasn't what I was trying to do. Well I let it rest thinking that maybe it was an ear infection and that it would soon pass, well I was wrong and there's a reason why I'm not a doctor. My ear was starting to bother me so I decided to once again tell my mom. She grabbed her phone and used the flashlight app to see inside my ear. That's when she noticed that I had something in my ear. She grabbed the tweezers and tried to remove the thing in my ear. She could only get tiny pieces of sponge and not the whole thing, she asked me how I came to be stuck with sponge in my ear. Let me tell you till this day I still don't know, my guess was that the puppies must have had those pieces of sponge in their mouth and since they sleep with me in the bed they must have somehow gotten it inside my ear. I've noticed them licking each others ear and they were also once licking my sister's ear while she was sleeping.

 So she took me to the doctor the next day, he was a young doctor and he was new, he told me that he had never seen something like that. So he did that thing were they clean your ear by sticking a syringe full of water in your ear and letting the pressure of the water out, it's a really weird experience and leaves you dizzy. Anyways the doctor couldn't get the thing to fall out, so the next thing was to stick a tool that looked like scissors in my ear. He told my mom that if I started to bleed from the ear that I would have to go immediately to the hospital, so he totally freaked me out. Like I said he was a new doctor so he didn't know what he was doing and he ended up hurting my ear and making it bleed. And yeah it was horrible, I couldn't stop crying because the pain was excruciating. And not to say I became deaf from my right ear. He got scared and told me to go to the hospital, great help there. So my mom called my grandma and asked her what to do, my grandma told her to go to the family's doctor. So we went and he told us that the other doctor had scraped the walls of my ear with the scissors and that's why it was bleeding. He gave a shot, some pain relief ear drops, anesthesia and pills. He said that my ear was swollen and that he needed to make it go back to normal so that he could take a look at it. So he told me to go back on Monday. So we went back again on Monday, he did that thing with the water again. Like five times and ended up drenching us both in water. He told us how in all his years as a doctor he had gotten out spiders, cockroaches, and ticks out of ears (I was so freaked out by that point), and he said that he had never seen something like what I had in my ear. At the end he said the sponge,or the thing since he didn't believe me it was a sponge, was stuck really deep down my ear and that we needed to go to the hospital to the specialist so that he could remove it because he had the right tools. We went to the specialist who was a nice old man, he reassured me that he wasn't going to hurt my ear like the other doctor had. He also said that sometimes some doctors try to do things that they aren't qualified to do or do not know how to do. Well in less than 10 minutes the stupid sponge was out my ear and I could hear again! So that was my story and I guess the lesson learned was: don't sleep with your puppies, or make sure your puppies don't lick your ears when you are asleep, or maybe be careful of the doctors haha take your pick. So again thank you guys for putting up with me and if you actually read the whole thing well kudos for you!:) 

And here's a picture of the thing sponge I had stuck in my ear and of my puppies!:)
That's Manchas on the left picture, together in the middle picture, and on the right picture there's Murphy

That's the sponge that was in my ear, Ewwww!

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