Thursday, January 9, 2014

Walk the Plank #3

Walk the Plank is a weekly meme hosted here at The Words Written, and it's a game that you can play every Thursday. This meme was inspired by all those characters in the books that you hate so much. Yup you heard, or saw, right. It's for those characters that makes you want to throw the book from a window, rip the pages to little pieces, and makes you want to punch the person sitting next to you on the bus. So now you have your chance to kill that character here, and this is how you can do it...
  • Tell us which character you want to kill? Name, from which book is this character, and if you want to add a picture of how you imagine the character looks like that would be great. 
  • Tell us why you want to kill that character? What did that character do to you? 
  • And how would you kill that character? And guys please nothing graphic, I don't want to have nightmares! (Exa: push them off a cliff, make the walk the plank where the water is infested by sharks, or throw them off a plane without a parachute). 
  • And finally grab the logo, post your own WTP entry on your blog and, leave your link below! So that others can visit your post and decide by commenting if they would totally help you kill the character or if they would save them. 
So here's my Walk the Plank...
(Alan Rickman)
From: Defy by Sara B. Larson

So Iker is a sorcerer in the book Defy. He is not one of the good sorcerers he is actually a black one, which are evil. He is the right hand of the King, and also protector. I want to kill Iker because thanks to him Prince Damian had to see his mother be murder in front of him by his father, the King. Iker can sense other sorcerers when they are around him. It is because of this ability that he was able to feel that Prince Damian's mother, the queen, was also a sorcerer. Iker is totally evil, in the book he reminds me of Snape, of course Snape turned to be good, but yeah when I was reading the book Snape came to my mind haha.  
So how I want Iker to die,even though he dies in the book, is by...throwing him from a mountain. And at the bottom there's hungry jaguars haha, in case he survives the fall;)

So are you going to help me kill Iker, or are you going to save him? Let me know in the comments!:)

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  1. Kill! Haha I really like Snape but he does indeed make the perfect bad guy :D