Sunday, February 2, 2014

A History of The Word F***

So the other day I was looking at some books and came across this lovely book...
And I remembered thinking "I LOVE that cover, it's so awesome! Especially how they sneakily covered up the word fuck". And so it got me thinking, how many books use the word fuck? and then from there I started wondering who came up with the word fuck? and when was it first written? I mean imagine you are so mad you decide to come up with a new word to describe how mad you really are, and then years later everyone is using your word. Not that that happened with this word, but still it would be awesome, I think I should invent myself some new words see if it catches on, BUT then again I don't have a great imagination so I guess I'll just stick with reading and reviewing haha. ANYWAYS! Google has this awesome tool called Google Books Ngram Viewer that let's you know how popular words have become over the years, it's based on their appearance in books. So I put this awesome tool to great use and I present to you my findings!...
Wow what happened in 1644? Everyone was using the word F, or in this case writing the word F. Haha imagine what they must have been writing about? those 1644 people were apparently having tons of fun!;) And then apparently in the 1820's through the 1950's the F word disappeared just to come back up and start rising again haha. 
Hey I spy with my little eye someone famous!

Wow Shakespeare those are some strong words! "thirst to fuck thy blood". Yeah I totally know what that means. In my search of the word F I found an awesome article that gave a short history about it, you can check it out here.
Apparently there's a urban myth of how the word was created and this is the story...

"Once upon a time, the English population was decimated by the plague. The King was so concerned about the shrinking number of his subjects that he ordered his people to reproduce. His proclamation, "Fornicate Under Command of the King"--"F.U.C.K" for short--was the source of our favorite swearword". 

Just to be clear that is totally not true ok! Although it's a funny myth. The actual first record of the word being used is here...

"The usually accepted first known occurrence is in code in a poem in a mixture of Latin and English composed in the 15th century.[6] The poem, which satirizes the Carmelite friars of Cambridge, England, takes its title, "Flen flyys", from the first words of its opening line, Flen, flyys, and freris (= "Fleasflies, and friars"). The line that contains fuck reads Non sunt in coeli, quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmkDeciphering the phrase "gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk", here by replacing each letter by the previous letter in alphabetical order, as the English alphabet was then, yields non sunt in coeli, quia fvccant vvivys of heli, which translated means, "They are not in heaven because they fuck wives of Ely".[7] The phrase was coded likely because it accused monks of breaking their vows of celibacy;[6] it is uncertain to what extent the word fuck was considered acceptable at the time."

So there you go guys a brief history of the word F. Haha apparently you do learn something new each day!:) 


  1. Wow! That's hilarious :p Great post, Marii :)

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  3. I just stumbled upon this blog, and I adore this post! It's so fascinating to talk about the origins of words, and swear words seem to have the most interesting stories. Haha, that urban legend is amusing. :) Thanks for sharing!