Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Free ARMS and CUPS Printable Rubrics

A little bit about me, I got hired as a 7th and 8th grade ELAR teacher on August 2017. Which means that I've only been a teacher for 4 months more or less. That totally means that I am NOT an expert in my field, but I do make up for it by being a bit tech savvy. For example here I have some rubrics that I created for my 7th grade ELAR department. We are preparing our 7th graders for their STAAR writing. I was introduced to ARMS and CUPS recently and I've been using it with my kiddos a lot. As my department and I started lesson planning for how to get the kids ready to write we decided that we needed some type of rubrics for them, to check their own work and the work of their partners. And the following is what I came up with...hope you enjoy it!

ARMS and Cups (Photo from Pinterest)

  My Rubrics:

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